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2019 ASP Presidential Evening Symposium

2019 ASP Presidential Evening Symposium

Chicago, IL • May 9-10, 2019

Photochemistry and Photobiology: 
From Molecules to Medicine

Come visit us in Chicago, exploring the frontiers of research on photoexcited states and their mechanistic role in skin photodamage and photomedicine! This ASP focus symposium gathers basic and translational researchers that will present cutting edge talks in high quality oral sessions held on two evenings.

Symposium I:
Molecular photodamage response in tissues and organisms

Thursday, May 9, 2019
6.30 p.m. Reception
7-10 p.m. Scientific Session (with dinner break)

This symposium examines the molecular basis of photodamage responses elicited in ocular and cutaneous targets of mammals as well as in other organisms.

Symposium I Speakers
– Ken Kraemer (National Cancer Institute (NCI))
– Qing-Sheng Mi (Henry Ford Health System/Wayne State University)
– Xiaojing Yang (University of Illinois at Chicago)
– Nihal Ahmad (University of Wisconsin at Madison)
– Shiyong Wu (Ohio University)
– Beth Gaillard (Northern Illinois University)
– Masaoki Kawasumi (University of Washington)
– Georg Wondrak (University of Arizona)
– Yu-Ying He (University of Chicago)

Symposium II
Mechanisms in photochemistry and photobiology: From synthetic and energy applications to materials and photomedicine

Friday, May 10, 2019
6.30 p.m. Reception
7-10 p.m. Scientific Session (with dinner break)

This symposium presents research in photochemistry and photobiology using laser spectroscopic and other experimental methods. The results of new photoreactions and photocatalysts will be described.

Symposium II Speakers
– Jean-Luc Ayitou (Illinois Institute of Technology)
– Sherri McFarland (University of North Carolina, Greensboro)
– Ryan McCulla (St Louis University)
– Carlos Crespo-Hernandez (Case Western Reserve University)
– Wenfang Sun (North Dakota State University)
– Andres Thomas (University of La Plata, CONICET)
– Alexander Greer (CUNY Brooklyn College)

Event venue:The Inn of Chicago
This boutique hotel's location situated in the heart of downtown Chicago is just half a block from the Magnificent Mile and numerous other Chicago attractions and will provide a vibrant setting to host the 2019 ASP Presidential Symposium. See hotel link in the menu bar above.

Program, abstracts, and registration
– Online registration will be available January 7, 2019. (Special rates will be available to ASP members and associate members)
– Program will be updated continuously.
– Registration will include two extraordinary events:
     – The ‘ASP Presidential’ reception (evening I)
     – The ‘Meet the Editor: Photochemistry & Photobiology’ reception (evening II)

We are looking forward to an exciting ASP focus meeting in Chicago, IL.

With our warmest regards
– 2019 ASP Presidential Symposium Organizers
– Yu-Ying He, University of Chicago, ASP President
– Georg Wondrak, University of Arizona, ASP Past President
– Alec Greer, The City University of New York, Brooklyn College, ASP President Elect
– Theresa M. Busch, University of Pennsylvania, ASP Treasurer