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Photodynamic Therapy Symposium 2018 - Royal Society of Medicine

photodynamic therapy symposium 2018

Monday 26 November 2018

Royal Society of Medicine
1 Wimpole Street

RSM Professionals , UK PDT Charitable Trust

about this event

This one-day event with specialists in photodynamic therapy (PDT) will provide you with an insight into the science and progress of this revolutionary treatment, and review future research and trends. To be involved in this discussion, book your place today.


  • Understand the scientific basis of PDT and its application in a range of conditions including local infection, surgical site infections, and some common cancers - including skin, lung and head and neck cancers.
  • Know about the benefits of PDT in clinical practice
  • Understand the difference and similarities between photodiagnosis (PD) and photodynamic therapy (PDT)
  • Have opportunity to network with scientists and clinicians engaged in, or interested in, PDT and PD. 


Professor Keyvan Moghissi, Consultant Cardiothoracic Surgeon and Clinical Director, Yorkshire Laser Centre. Professor Moghissi is recognised as one of the UK's leading Cardiothoracic Surgeons and pioneering experts in PDT.

Dr Ernest Allan, Consultant Clinical Oncologist, The Christie NHS Foundation Trust

Dr Robert Bell, Senior Clinical Research Associate, UCL

Professor Alison Curnow, Associate Professor in Science & Scholarship, University of Exeter Medical School 

Dr Ewan Eadie, Head of Scientific Services for Photobiology and Optical Radiation, Ninewells Hospital Dundee

Professor Mark Emberton, Professor of Interventional Oncology, UCL

Mr Colin Hopper, Consultant Oral Surgeon, Eastman Dental Hospital and University College Hospital

Professor Gilles Gasser, Principal Investigator, Chimie ParisTech

Dr Yolanda Gilaberte, Aragon Health Sciences Institute, Zaragoza

Mike Hamblin, Principal Investigator, The Wellman Center for Photomedicine at Massachusetts General Hospital

Mr Colin Hopper, Consultant Oral Surgeon, Eastman Dental Hospital and University College Hospital

Professor Zheng Huang, Professor and Director, Center for Medical Photonics, Fujian Normal University, China

Professor Sally Ibbotson, Professor of Photobiology, University of Dundee

Mr Yazan Khalad, MRC Clinical Research Training Fellow, University of Leeds

Dr Nicolas Loebel, Chief Technology Officer and President, Ondine Biomedical Inc, Canada 

Professor Caroline Maake, Adjunct Professor, University of Zurich

Dr Ricky Thakrar, Clinical Research Training Fellow, UCL

Professor Mark Wainwright, Professor of Chemistry, Liverpool John Moores University

Professor Heinrich Walt, Emeritus Professor, University of Zurich


RSM members £15 - £65

Non-members £25 - £80

Please contact Mrs Kate Dixon, Yorkshire Laser Centre for any queries relating to the programme or sponsors: 


09.30 am

Registration, tea and coffee

10.00 am

Welcome and introduction

Professor Keyvan Moghissi, Consultant Cardiothoracic Surgeon and Clinical Director, Yorkshire Laser Centre

Session 1 - PDT Science

Heinrich Walt and Alison Curnow


Alison Curnow

10.25 am

Ewan Eadie

10.40 am


Heinrich Walt and Caroline Maake

11.05 am

Panel discussion

11.05 am

Tea and coffee break

Role of PDT in antimicrobial and local infection

Mark Wainwright and Colin Hopper

11.30 am

Mark Wainwright

11.50 am

Nick Loebel

12.10 pm

Mike Hamblin

12.30 pm

Where to next and panel discussion

Keyvan Moghissi

12.45 pm

Experimental results on PDT for remodelling the myocardium

Dr Robert Bell, Senior Clinical Research Associate, UCL

1.00 pm


PDT and Dermatology

Ernest Allen and Sally Ibbotson

2.00 pm

Introduction and ambulatory PDT in Dermatology

Sally Ibbotson

2.20 pm

PDT in non-oncological skin lesions

Yolanda Gilaberte

2.40 pm

PDT in vascular skin lesions

Zheng Huang

3.00 pm

Case presentation of folliculitis decalvans

Ernest Allan

3.10 pm

Tea and coffee break

PDT Oncology

Colin Hopper and Keyvan Moghissi

3.30 pm

PDT in oncology and PD/PDT in aero-digestive tract

Keyvan Moghissi

3.50 pm

Research in progress - PD/PDT in lung cancer

Ricky Thakrar

4.00 pm

Theranostic silica nanoparticles for targeted flourescent imaging and PDT of colorectal cancer

Yazan Khalad

4.10 pm

Panel discussion

4.15 pm

PDT in prostate-urology

Mark Emberton

4.35 pm

PD/PDT in head and neck and maxi-facial

Colin Hopper

4.55 om

Closing remarks and evaluation forms

Keyvan Moghissi

Later Event: February 2
SPIE Photonics West